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LFI 8.2018 Novembre Décembre



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LFI 8.2018 Novembre Décembre

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    Marksteen Adamson: Cheltenham Folk. Portraits of passersby: something that began as a small, social media project, quickly developed into a comprehensive social study

    Joan Alvado: Fading Away. What remains when a population disappears? A series of mystical, quasi-apocalyptic landscape images loaded with symbolic power

    Ciro Battiloro: Sanità. The Sanità district of Naples is a virtually forgotten place: a conversation about humanity, solidarity and dignity

    Thorsten Klapsch: Excuse me, Sir. Images as a testimony of weapons and violence: taken behind the scenes at the International Aerospace Exhibition in Berlin

    Erich Lessing: Visions of the Past. Austria’s Doyen of Photography has passed away at the age of 95 – a homage to the famous photojournalist

    LOBA 2018: Winners and Finalists. The main prize went to Max Pinckers, from Belgium, the Newcomer category was won by the Russian photographer Mary Gelman

    F/STOP: Leica M10-D | Leica Q-P | Leica Q “Khaki” | L-Mount

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