Harry Benz Courroie Version B Extended

B Extended


Noir 145cm
B Extended


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Harry Benz Courroie Version B Extended at Camtec Photo Montreal

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  • Description

    If you are looking for a fixed length strap that is very long, the Extended Version of the B is right for you. It easily accommodates requests for straps longer than 120cm (47.2") in brown and/or 130cm (51.2") in black leather.

    Two raw straps, securely glued and stitched together before the actual work of creating the B can begin (several leather treatments, cutting, edging, grooving, burnishing, glueing, stitching, etc.) make for a very strong foundation.

    A decorative plate made of chocolate brown Horween Chromexcel horse leather, glued and secured with antique brass rivets, is placed mid length, right on top of the area were the two straps were fused together. It compliments the strap's elegant looks beautifully but more importantly, it completely hides the fact that this strap is actually made out of two.

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