The Lost City by Ian MacEachern



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The Lost City by Ian MacEachern at Camtec Photo Montreal

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    The Lost City by Ian MacEachern

    We're proud to announce that we have on display signed copies of a first edition printing of this most extraordinary book, and it's Canadian!

    Back in the 1960s, Ian MacEachern, a fine client and friend of the boutique, documented the neighbourhoods of Saint John, New Brunswick, a gritty, blue-collar town on the Bay of Fundy. Seemingly channeling Henri-Cartier Bresson, he captures the routine of this community, where beautiful architecture and urban decay coexist and coalesce to present a true picture of a proud city full of life and a definite sense of place. Like many factory towns, this is also a city trying to shed its roots and through ill-conceived, pie-in-the-sky urban renewal, take on an aura of what it is not. This dichotomy is underscored in exceptional black-and-white photographs that are pertinent, uplifting and heartwarming.


    Photography rarely looks this good in books! This is one of the finest photo books I have seen in many years.