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NOVOFLEX Adapter Visoflex LEM/VIS II for M240




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NOVOFLEX Adapter Visoflex LEM/VIS II for M240
  • Description

    New adapter with dual purposes, the Novoflex LEM/VIS-II can be used as an extension tube to allow you to focus closer wit your Leica M lenses. Also, it can be used as a modern Visoflex allowing you to use your Visoflex lenses.

    Thanks to its variable design the new LEM/VIS-II adapter set adds several new applications for Leica M240 photographers. It’s adapter and extension tube in one.The following options are available:Visoflex II/III-lenses can be used at the Leica M240 camera without reflex housing (focusing up to infinity).LTM-lenses can be used with all Leica M-mount cameras.Leica M-mount lenses can be used for close-up and macro images. Variable extension is possible (3 inner rings, 10mm extension each).Depending on the use of the 3 inner rings magnifications between 0,28:1 – 0,84:1 can be achieved (50mm Leica M lens).


  • Technical Data