Geneviève Thibault - blanc.

ISBN 978-2-923980-16-4



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Geneviève Thibault - blanc. at Camtec Photo Montreal

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  • Description

    White symbolizes purity, goodness, the sacred.
    It is also the colour obtained by the addition, equally, of all the others.
    The community.
    It’s Sister Louise’s room, a few hours after the move.
    The free space, then the one to occupy.
    It’s Sister Rita’s age, wisdom and hair.
    It is the garden of the monastery all snowy, the cycle of the seasons,
    those captured, those gone
    and all the ones I won’t pin on paper.

    This photographic book tells the daily life of the Ursulines of the monastery of Quebec during the seasons before their move. For two years, Geneviève Thibault was interested in this important page in the history of this historic site in Canada inhabited by the Ursulines since 1642.

    174 pages, 
    Soft cover with flaps and letter inserts
    23,5 x 22 cm