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Carry Speed Sling pouch



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Carry Speed Sling pouch

  • Description

    The Sling Pouch let's you work with a professional sling strap system and saves you from having to carry a separate bag to store away your camera or to carry small accessories. Made from a heavy duty Neoprene material, the Sling Pouch simply clips on to any compatible sling strap. When the Sling Pouch is not in use, it simply hangs at your hip waiting to wrap and protect your camera from dust, moisture, bumps, and scratches. 
    A small storage pouch is located in the back of the pouch to carry media cards, or extra batteries. As you store your camera into the Sling Pouch, a D-ring can be used with a basic carabiner (not included) to connect to your belt loop preventing your camera from swinging during rigorous activity. - See more at: http://www.thecamerastore.com/6621-Carry-Speed-Sling-Pouch.aspx#sthash.KJw44Tbx.dpuf