Billingham f/2.8 - kHAKI / Chocolate



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Billingham f/2.8 - kHAKI / Chocolate  at Camtec Photo Montreal

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  • Description

    We’ve purposely kept things simple and flexible inside and out, which also offers you the opportunity to custom fit your fStop to suit your changing needs from assignment to assignment. So, in addition to customising the interior layout, we’ve given you the option of extending the capacity of the bag by using the external AVEA Pockets,which attach securely to the sides of the bag via the solid leather straps, which also serve as the mounting points for the shoulder sling.Should you need to carry a tripod, you can attach one by threading straps through the two sets of ‘D’ holes located under the main stud fasteners. Even with the AVEA Pockets attached, the fStop will still fit into an overhead locker on board an aircraft.

  • Technical Data