Billingham Photo Hadley Pro Large Khaki - Chocolat

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Billingham Photo Hadley Pro Large Khaki - Chocolat at Camtec Photo Montreal

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  • Description

    A long-awaited addition to our increasingly popular Hadley range - the Hadley Large Pro fits your laptop and SLR gear into one space.The grab handle at the top is further integrated into load points on the bag at the rear by a horizontal leather strap. This is to add security and strength when laden with a laptop and large aperture camera equipment. The entire insert is removable just like the rest of the Hadley bags. Although it has a thicker base of foam and the laptop space is fixed.The vertical dividers allow the bag to expand with larger equipment and are shaped differently to allow this.New side patches allow current AVEA pouches to be fitted and will also provide an anchor for larger capacity pockets that are in design stages.

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