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ACAM-313N Black & Red



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ACAM-313N Black & Red
ACAM-313N Black & Red
ACAM-313N Black & Red

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  • Description

    Using unique and characteristic “Happogumi” style weave braided cord 
    Releasing durable braided cord hand straps with refined patterns

    For this item, Artisan&Artist partnered with artisans of braided cords in Kyoto to develop this “Happogumi” hand strap which has a special, resilient structure. This finely-woven hand strap is resistant against friction and has an intriguing texture, giving the user a new sensation. Its characteristic design, traditionally called “Day and night,” has a distinct look on the front and the back.  
    Your imagination will be stimulated by the unique and refined design which uses high-quality Italian leather with the brand logo engraved in silver, and the beautiful pattern and texture of the braided cords finely-woven individually by artisans. It is also recommended to use this item together with Artisan&Artist’s first key holder using “Hirakaragumi” braided cords (ACAM-314N) which is released currently.

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