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Match Technical Thumbs Up CSEP-1S at Camtec Photo Montreal

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  • Description

    Many of us require the use of a cold shoe for flash and accessory viewfinders. The CSEP-1S with its single cold shoe is built for owners of the Leica M, ME, MM, M9, M9-P, M8.2, M8, M7, M6TTL, M6, MP, M4, M3 and M2. The 22º angle of the thumb grip surface is great for distributing pressure.

    Thumbs Up is a highly unusual line of camera grips that provides security, comfort and stability to Leica M analog and digital rangefinders. The machined brass is finished to the highest standard and the fit to the rangefinder body is about as good as it gets.

    In a remarkably short period of time, Match Technical Services has built a fine reputation for ingenious, well-crafted accessories that enhance the handling and flexibility of Leica M cameras. I can wholeheartedly attest to their excellence and enthusiastically recommend the product line.

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