E-Clypse MAG 34MM with Diopter correction






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E-Clypse MAG 34MM  with Diopter correction at Camtec Photo Montreal

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  • Description

    Our E-Clypse MAGs have been created specifically for the Leica user after rigorous design and testing by us – they are not generic eyecup magnifiers that we have re-branded: the nuances of rangefinder photography bring together the individuality of the Leica photographer and the special requirements of the rangefinder, and our E-Clypse MAGs aid this synthesis.


    E-Clypse MAGs enhance the rangefinder style of photography by preventing stray light from entering the eye when looking through the viewfinder. Stray light is not only a distraction but reduces the contrast essential to the photographer during composition. The other eye remains free to take in the peripheral view and activity.

  • Technical Data