E-Clypse MAG 1.25X


E-Clypse MAG 1.25X - 34mm


E-Clypse MAG 1.25X - 42mm


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E-Clypse MAG 1.25X at Camtec Photo Montreal

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  • Description

    Here’s an eyecup magnifier designed just for the rangefinder enthusiast. You will find that it effectively blocks out even strong backlight so the rangefinder remains bright and contrasty for ease of focusing and the viewfinder clear for composition. The multi-coated optics magnify the image 25% without degrading viewing.

    The E-Clypse MAG 1.25X-34mm and MAG 1.25X-42mm differ only in the diameter of the eyecup. Made from silicon rubber, they remain soft even in cold weather and are highly resistant to deformation. The optical housings are made from brass and a black anodized aluminum alloy. Securely attached to the camera via the viewfinder thread, the E-Clypse MAG 1.25X-34mm will fit all models from the M3 to the latest M. There is no reason to remove the eyecup magnifier when storing the camera in a tight-fitting bag.
    In a remarkably short period of time, Match Technical Services has built a fine reputation for ingenious, well-crafted accessories that enhance the handling and flexibility of Leica M cameras. I can wholeheartedly attest to their excellence and enthusiastically recommend the product line.
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