I have a cousin who is an avid birder. After one of her frequent trips to Point Pelee with her beloved Leica binoculars, she returned home not only with some new additions to her life list, but a new boyfriend on her arm. That was over fifteen years ago. The boyfriend became her husband and those well-used Leica binoculars continue to focus on birds from the Amazon Kingfisher to the Northern Wheatear. Recently, she purchased a pair of Ultravid HD binoculars. The redesigned optical system improves definition, allowing her to easily differentiate between a Rufous-necked Stint and its close relative, the Long-toed Stint. My cousin is quick to point out that Leica binoculars do just about everything well, except put out the garbage. Her husband is assigned that task.


This story encapsulates everything about Leica sport optics. Ultravid HD, Ultravid BCL,Ultravid BCR, Duovid, Silverline, Monovid, Rangemaster, Geovid HD-B, Geovid HD, APO-Televid, binocular, rangefinder or spotting scope, they are optically superior, surprisingly compact, and built for the long haul!

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