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Rare Books at Camtec Photo Montreal
Rare Books at Camtec Photo Montreal
Rare Books at Camtec Photo Montreal
Rare Books at Camtec Photo Montreal

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    I recently decided to share the pleasure of viewing and appreciating some of the rare books in my collection. Due to a lack of space, I’ll bring in about a dozen books at a time to display at the Boutique. We’ve placed prices on them if something truly strikes your fancy. Some of these books are rare first editions, special editions that in many cases include prints, some are signed and numbered. 

    Here is a sample list of books that we are currently featuring:

    Robert Doisneau
    Trois Secondes d’Éternité
    Signed - Ltd Edition 85/100

    Ray K. Metzker
    City Stills
    First Edition
    $585 - Sold

    Bruce Davidson
    Time Of Change - Civil Rights Photographs 1961-1965
    First edition Inscribed to Rose and Jay D

    Bruce Davidson
    First edition - Inscribed - 1986

    Helen Levitt
    A Way Of Seeing
    Signed - Edition 142/250

    Martin Parr
    The Non-Conformists 
    Signed - Ltd Edition with silver Print 6/100

    Harry Callahan: Color
    First Edition Signed

    Steven B. Smith
    Waiting Out the Latter Days
    Signed - with edition silver print 22/50

    Barbara Crane
    Private Views - Ltd
    Signed - LTD Edition 19/50 with a Print


    Sebastião Salgado
    First edition- Signed

    Joseph Koudelka
    First edition - Signed

    Danny Lyon
    Pictured From The New World
    First edition - Signed

    Bernice Abbott
    Changing New York
    First Edition

    Diane Arbus
    First Edition


    Larry Towell
    First Special Edition - Signed