Leica M rangefinder cameras share a single purpose: to capture life the way we see it! Digital or film, the Leica M, M Monochrom, M7 and MP have earned the distinction of being the cameras of choice for the world's greatest photographers.

A new generation of Elmarit, Noctilux, Summarit, Summicron and Summilux lenses perfectly complements the M rangefinder cameras. World-class performance delivers images exhibiting outstanding sharpness and tonal range. When it comes to accessories, the Leica penchant for excellence continues. Current bright-line finders employ a concave mirror in their optics, providing a brilliant image for the 18mm, 21mm and 24mm focal lengths.

Every Leica M component is elegantly and intelligently engineered as an integral part of a camera system that is without equal.

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