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Leica S Elmarit 30mm F2.8 **A+**

The wide-angle Benchmark for the S.




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Leica S Elmarit 30mm F2.8 **A+**
  • Description

    Serial number: 4151470
    Made by: Leica, Germany
    Condition: A+ (Click here for details)
    Includes: All original packaging and contents.
    Warranty: One year

    This late addition to the S line of lenses came from Leica's demo stock. Used for a few of months for demonstrations in road shows, demo clinics and such, it comes with a 18 months warranty. For all intents and purposes, this lens is brand new!

    Corresponding to a 24mm lens in the 135mm format, optimized for the 30 x 45mm Leica Pro Format Sensor, and featuring legendary performance that redefines sharpness, colour and contrast in medium format optics, the Elmarit-S 2.8/30mm ASPH simply has no equal.
    Whether at close focus (0.5m) or infinity, wide open or stopped down, expect unsurpassed contrast and resolution and distortion that is so well controlled, optimization through software is unnecessary.


    The pricey bottom line is tempered by the realization that the Elmarit-S 2.8/30mm ASPH is built for a lifetime of heavy use. Dust and spray resistant, with the very finest build using robust materials, the lens should perform without hiccups in the most rigorous climates and toughest conditions. As well it should, the rectangular hood (12400) comes with the lens.