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Leica M (typ 262) body *True-Mint*

Just the Basics Sir, No Live-View - No Video :-)



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Leica M (typ 262) body *True-Mint*
Leica M (typ 262) body *True-Mint*
Leica M (typ 262) body *True-Mint*
Leica M (typ 262) body *True-Mint*
Leica M (typ 262) body *True-Mint*
Leica M (typ 262) body *True-Mint*
  • Description

    Serial number: 4981382
    Made by: Leica, Germany
    Condition: A+ (Click here for details)
    Includes: Original Box with all its content and packaging
    Warranty: 18 Months

    This lightly used, still in excellent general condition black M262 was purchased a year ago. It was used with care by an active and passionate Leica M shooter. 
    Clean sensor, bright and accurate viewfinder and rangefinder. Scratch-free LCD screen. The black paint body and the covering are intact and as new.

    If you have been waiting to Enter the Modern and Wonderful M Realm, this is a unique opportunity to do so at a substantial discount.

    A distinctively clear and functional design reflects the timeless character of the Leica M (Typ 262). The top plate is engineered from durable aluminium, which makes it around 100 grams lighter. The Leica M-System fulfils real photographic needs. Due to the omission of additional features like Live View and video capability, the menu is extremely lean and consists of only two pages