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Hasselblad XV Lens Adapter  at Camtec Photo Montreal

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  • Description

    Hasselblad bridges its legacy and its future with the XV Lens Adapter, providing compatibility between X System cameras and V System lenses.

    The XV Lens Adapter supports Hasselblad’s full line of C, CB, CF, CFI, CFE, F and FE lenses; each lens functions solely with the use of the X1D-50c’s electronic shutter feature. The addition of the XV Lens Adapter to X System accessories adds over sixty lenses with focal lengths ranging from 30 to 500mm to its lens lineup.

    Due to varying mechanical tolerances between legacy lenses or accessories and the XV Adapter, the locking mechanism on the V-mount bayonet may not engage. Take care when using older series lenses or accessories and the XV Adapter.

  • Technical Data

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