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Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm F2 CANON MOUNT


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Canon Mount

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Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm F2 CANON MOUNT
  • Description

    Yet another Carl Zeiss lens that shines throughout its focusing range. Its 9 elements yield edge-to-edge sharpness. This classic focal length with a moderate wide-angle perspective is perfectly suited for commercial, location and nature photography. The Distagon T* 2/35 is designed to provide very high image quality over a wide range of apertures and distances. The fast f/2 aperture enables hand-held photography under difficult lighting conditions and the short focus rotation is well suited to action photography. On a DSLR with a 1.5 crop factor, the lens has an effective focal length of 53mm.

    You will find ZE lenses exceptionally easy to handle. Manual focusing remains nonpareil: silky smooth, precise, and with just enough throw and resistance to fine-tune the image. Unquestionably, this superb manual focus ability will attract the critical eye of high-definition videographers as well as photographers, but it is the optical performance that will win their hearts.


    Major Specifications:


    Focal length 35mm
    Filter size 58mm
    Lens construction  9 elements, 7 groups
    Focus range 0.3 m – ∞
    Weight 530- 570g
  • Technical Data